We strive to bring our elite and professional level of care to each aspect of The Academy. Our leagues are no exception. From youth to adult leagues, each is thoroughly planned out and meticulously maintained so a safe and fun league environment. 

3-on-3 Leagues

Fine tune your skills in our 3-on-3 leagues on our 3/4 NHL size ice pad.

Adult Leagues

The best run adult leagues in the city on the most consistent and best quality ice.

Summer Hockey Leagues

Keep your skills sharp through the summer months with our summer youth hockey leagues.

NHA SUMMER 3on3: Registration NOW OPEN

We are very excited to launch our 3on3 Summer Hockey League starting this July!! A lot of the finer details will be determined by how many registrations we get in each age/skill level, but this is how we are hoping to run things:

  • Divisions will be arranged primarily by birth year, but may be mixed depending on registrations. 
  • Each division will have a minimum of 4 teams of 10.
  • If we don’t have enough sign ups in an age/skill level parents will be given the option of a full refund or they will be moved to the closest appropriate alternative.
  • Games will happen Monday-Thursday between 5 – 9 pm only. NO Friday or weekend games.  Each team will play 8 games.  League runs from July 3rd – last week of August.
  • We are not going to allow teams to sign up. Only individuals. An impartial team of NHA non-parents will make the teams. Our goal is to make the teams as balanced and competitive as we possibly can, while also giving your child a chance to meet kids from other hockey associations. Upon registration we are going to allow you to list a couple players who you would like to be paired up with amongst your friends so that your child is comfortable and for ride sharing purposes.

Looking forward to seeing you at the rink!


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NHA Spring 3 on 3 Game Play Rules and Regulations 2023

  1. Section 1 – Game Play Rules

    1. All 3 on 3 games are NON-CONTACT
    2. All 3 on 3 games are 2 x 22 Minutes period lengths.
    3. All 3 on 3 games are running time.

    NOTE: Time only stops if an injured player is on the ice for one minute or longer.

    1. There are no icings called in games.
    2. OFF SIDES are called when players are off side, all attacking players must clear the offensive zone to the neutral zone before re-attacking in the offensive zone. (Referee will direct the offending time out of the zone).
    3. FACE OFFS occur at the beginning of each period at center ice.
    4. Teams in all divisions will switch ends at the end of each period.
    5. LINE CHANGES: – Line changes will be done “on the fly”, with the exception of the 2016’s who will change on a 2-minute buzzer. When the buzzer sounds the puck is to be left at it’s location. No face off. Play continues from that location.

    For levels changing on fly, the player on the bench cannot leave the bench until the player switching on the ice reaches the bench (one for one basis). If players leave the bench early, the referee will award possession of the puck to the opposing team. Teams will receive one warning before being penalized.

    2016 only Rules:

    1. “Line matching” kids of the same ability/age is encouraged and will be monitored by the league convenor/manager.
    2. Changing kids during their 2 minute shift will not be permitted (unless there is an injury).

     i ) OUT OF PLAY – when the puck goes out of play, the team not responsible for the stoppage in play will be awarded the puck. A minimum of ten feet of clearance shall be given to resume play. No face off will occur.

    1. ii) GOAL SCORED – When a goal is scored, the scoring team is required to retreat past the blue line before re attacking (play it like a delayed off-side). If the scoring team INTENTIONALLY touches the puck prior to clearing the blue line, a penalty shot will be awarded.

    iii) GOALIE FREEZES PUCK – The goalie has 5 seconds to get rid of the puck. If the goalie hangs onto the puck for more than 5 seconds, a delay of game penalty may be assessed. The attacking team is required to retreat past the blue line before re attacking (play it like a delayed off side). If the attacking team intentionally touches the puck prior to the other team advancing forward, a penalty shot will be awarded.

    1. PULLED GOALIE – Teams may pull their goalie for an extra attacker only in the last three minutes of the game.
    2. There will be no OVERTIME during the season. Games will end in a tie at the end of the 2nd .
    3. All suspensions will be issued at the discretion of the League Conveners & League Manager. [

    Section 2 – Roster and Eligibility Rules

    1. Only Coaches approved by NHA may be behind the bench at any time. Coaches must provide a police check to NHA officials no later than March 31st/2023
    2. All coaches are required to make every effort to ensure EQUAL ICE TIME for all 3 on 3 participants.
    3. Every 3 on 3 participant must have filled out a registration / waiver form (including parent’s signature), prior to the first game.
    4. In the event that a goalie is going to be absent, the coach must inform the league convener and can find a replacement goalie already registered in the league. Please provide as much advanced notice as possible. If goalies in the league are unable to fill in – the team may be granted permission to bring in a new goalie from the waiting list or at the League’s discretion. If the team fails to find a substitute goalie, teams may play with four skaters – one of these players must be assigned to play in behind their blue line. The extra player should not stay in the net, as they are not probably protected to do so.
    5. Under no circumstances can a player who is not register on the team play in the 3 on 3. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a game default.

     Section 3 – Penalties

    1. All minor penalties will result in a penalty shot
    2. Any individual receiving three minor penalties in one game will receive a game ejection.
    3. Coincidental minor penalties will result in no penalty shot for either team – But the time keeper will mark this penalty down to be counted toward the maximum to 3 minor penalties before receiving a game ejection. Coincidental minor penalties will result in a face-off at center ice.
    4. A major penalty will result in the offending player (s) ejection and will require a review by league officials to determine if supplementary discipline is required (discussion with official and video reviewed).
    5. Any fighting major penalty written up on an incident report by the referee will be reviewed by the league officials (s) to determine appropriateness of the call (video will be reviewed). Under no circumstances will fighting be permitted in 3 on 3 hockey. Expulsion from the League will result. A player suspended or expelled from the League for any reason will not be entitled to any refund or credit.
    6. All game ejections in the 2nd period will result in an automatic suspension from the next scheduled game.
    7. In the event a player is ejected from a game for the second time, he/she will automatically be suspended 1 game and a review of the players actions will be conducted by league officials to determine if any supplemental discipline is needed. In the event a player is ejected for a 3rd time, the player is removed from the League for the remainder of the current season (without refund) and upon a review of the players actions by the league officials, may be disqualified from registering for 2024 Spring Season.
    8. During the course of the game, the referee’s decision is final. A zero tolerance approach will be used by the referee towards aggressive and / or abusive coaches, players and spectators. A review of incidents involving inappropriate behaviour will be conducted by League officials with possible disciplinary actions taken.

    Section 4 – Other

    1. The 3 on 3 conveners have the right to waive floods pursuant to timing issues.
    2. There is a 3 minute time limit for warm ups prior to the start of the games.
    3. It is at the discretion of league officials to move players and / or teams in order to create balanced divisions after week three.
    4. Refund Policy – No refunds will be given two weeks prior to the start of the season – all refunds up to that point will be subject to a $25.00 administration charge.
    5. Equipment – Full equipment MUST be worn at all times. (This list includes: helmet, neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, hockey pants, shin pads, hockey skates, jock / jill – GOALIES: mouth guard, helmet, throat protector, neck guard, chest protector, jock / jill, hockey pants, glove / blocker, goalie pads and hockey skates – jerseys will be included.

    Section 5 – Penalty Shot Procedure

    2016 Division: All penalties will result in a penalty shot taken at the end of the game.

    All Other Divisions: The penalty shot will be taken at the time of the penalty.

    • The fouled player will be awarded a penalty shot starting at center ice.
    • All other players on the ice will line up at the at the tops of the circles, behind the player taking the penalty shot.
    • On the referees whistle the player taking the penalty shot will proceed with the shot.
    • At the same time the other on ice players will follow the shooter in, and will join in the play after the penalty shot is taken.
    • If the player scores on the penalty shot the offensive team must clear as normal.
    • If no goal is scored the play will continue as normal.