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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the facility open?

The facility is scheduled to open this Fall 2022. For programming and grand opening announcements, please subscribe to our email list.

Can I book programming now?

Not yet! Programming will become available in the late summer for review and booking. Due to our smaller ice pad, spaces will be limited. For the latest news and program releases, please subscribe to our newsletter.

How do I book programming?

You will need a DaySmart Recreation account to book any programming. You can access our new DaySmart and register by clicking BOOK NOW at the top right of each page.

Do my children need accounts?

You will need to add your children to your account. Click BOOK NOW at the top right of the page access DaySmart, from there, select Profile and then at the top of the right corner you will see add child.

When is the skate sharpener open?

The skate sharpener is open Monday-Friday 4-9 PM and Saturday- Sunday 10 am – 3 pm. Skate sharpenings are $10 a pair. Our staff are BladeMaster Tri-Station certified.

What’s changes were made from the previous tenant?

EVERYTHING! Over the last year, the space has undergone heavy renovations to transform into Northern Ontario’s premiere sports training facility. Changes include: a brand new ice pad with new boards, glass, and refrigeration system, a brand new SECOND FLOOR with new multi-sport court, new dressing rooms, new training facility, and golf simulators!

How big is the ice?

Our ice pad is a 3/4 size NHL ice pad (130’x60′). Most games hosted on our ice pad are 3-on-3.

Do I need to create accounts for each sport at NHA?

No. The new DaySmart platform allows for one registration and login for all of our facilities/activities.

How do I find drop-in events?

Once you are logged in to DaySmart select Drop-Ins from the left hand column. You can filter by activity and day of week.

Where do I register for programs like Discovery Skating?

Once logged in to DaySmart you will need to select REGISTER, then select a program that you are wanting to register for.


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